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Complete 5M Professonal Pole Pruning Kit M121-K

Normal price: AUD$220.00 Discount price: AUD$160.00 each


Super Performance 5M Professional Pole Pruning Kit


Keep your feet on the ground, focus on foliage

Comfortable working height up to 7m

Combined with Triple Bevel Teeth and extra blade thickness [1.5mm], the pull cut action of the 420mm Interchangeable Saw clears the cut rapidly on the upstroke without flexing

Oval Pole section increases rigidity when used at full height

Cord guide pulleys prevent cord from tangling with foliage when using the Geared Pruning Head

All elements are interchangeable with the quick release system


5M Professional Pole Pruning Kit comprises the following components:

  • 5M Oval  Aluminium Pole
  • Geared Pruning Head
  • New Quick Release Interchangeable Saw
  • 420mm x 55mm x 1.5mm Blade
  • Belt Pouch for pole support



Component parts for M121-K available individually:

  • M121 - 5M Oval  Aluminium Pole
  • M123 - Geared Pruning Head
  • M122 - New Quick Release Interchangeable Saw
  • 420mm x 55mm x 1.5mm Blade
  • M42 - Belt Pouch for pole support